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AP FanPost Roundup

As Arrowhead Pride grows as a community, so does the number of FanPosts each day.  In an effort to ensure that nobody's thoughts get lost in the shuffle, Chris and I will start posting a roundup of the community's FanPosts every Sunday.

If you haven't already noticed, if you click on the FanPost tab at the top of the page it brings you to a listing of all the FanPosts.  They can be sorted by Recently Posted, Recently Active, Popular in the Last Day, Popular in the Last Week and Most Popular of All Time.

This week we averaged nearly 9 FanPosts per day (73 over the last 9 days) so for me at least this section is a necessity in tracking everything. I encourage you to check it out since it may be helpful to you in avoiding work following the Chiefs.

  • Registered users 1,363
  • Total 2,149
  • Total 1,946
  • Total 83,568

Click over to see all the FanPosts collected and divided up into sections.

DRAFT (11)

1999-2008 #3 Overall Draft Pick by Major Tom

Draft Crabtree!!!!! by Alaskan Chief

Draft Sleeper at LB?! by connerman

Matt Stafford "may not" Work Out at the NFL Combine by dkugler838

addressing the draft. by chiefs8288

2004 By PacChief's theory by Dustin SLO,CA

Curry or Sanchez? by Lvl.99

2009 draft.......1st round tendencies by chiefs8288

Pioli's QB History by mooseface79

The Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback of the Future by aPacificChief

Mocking the Draft takes up the Chiefs' task in earnest by styg50


piss on the 3-4 by Hendrix

Is it a 3-4 or a 4-3? by kcguy

How We Can Shift to a 3-4 by chiefsfan1384

If We Go O-LINE by Lvl.99

O-Line by johnnyboy1106

Haley's playbook by oldchiefsfan

4-3 over 3-4 by mooseface79


wait till traning camp by choirboy

Go with Brodie. by choirboy

So we want a new Quarterback? by Lanier63

Hey, Toddy Haley and Scott Pioli: Start Tyler Thigpen,... by HOF4DT58

Who Will Be Cut? by mistamic

perspective on LJ by chiefs8288

Cassel versus Thigpen by 808NaNz808

Thoughts on our QB situation by SFCBurkhart

Telling... by kcchief02


Free Agent, Peppers and Dansby by nfamous209

Michael Vick by Moebuis

Would Marty Booker Be A Good Fit for KC? by JayKC

Bigger Impact in FA or Draft? by Your_Moms_Boyfriend

so much for him coming to K.C. by chiefs8288

How's this for a Larry Johnson Trading Scenario... by mlschuma

Free Agent LB Comparison; Terrell Suggs vs.... by Moebuis

Possible trade partners for the #3 spot by JZChiefsfan

Youth, development, and building for the future... by KaloPhoenix

Free Agency 2009 - Do Chiefs have options? by Moebuis

positions in need.....a look at the free... by chiefs8288

Mike Furrey, Liegh Bodden amongst others cut by 808NaNz808

Report: Rams shopping Holt and Orlando Pace by Lanier63

FA Personnel Wishlist... by ChiefHawk '74


Strength and Conditioning by Major Tom


Gary Gibbs to KC? by Shawn

News on possible Asst Coach hire by Lanier63

Mike Waufle D Coordinator prospect by 808NaNz808

Possible Assitant Coach hire? by cawksrawks

Offensive / Defensive Coordinator Options by Moebuis

John Mitchell for DC by vajazz24

Haley turned down Dolphins last year? by kc571

Dear Clark, by Lanier63

Is anyone else liking this? by KCCheeze

KC Offensive Coordinator: Greg Olson? by connerman


Fun Fast Chief Facts, you may not have ever known by Lanier63


Chiefs Haiku by HIV 2 Elway

Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater by Chiefs_swagger

ESPN Refusing To Report On Roberto Alomar Allegations? by UCrawford

Pioli Leaving A Mess by doriang03

History of the Kansas City Chiefs II by oldchiefsfan

Brett Favre (Finally) Retires...Again.  Maybe. by UCrawford

Rebuilding kit for 2009 by 808NaNz808

History of the Kansas City Chiefs by oldchiefsfan

Goal Line Blitz - KC Chiefs Fan Team by Moebuis

Kansas City area Mcdonalds beware... by Grand Master A

HANG YOUR HAT-Deadbolt Lock Predictions 2009-2010 by nayjevin

Picture for Chris... by SFCBurkhart

Draft Party info by SFCBurkhart

A Modest Proposal by Idahochief

my wishes for the birthday of chiefs8288 by chiefs8288

The Birth of ANNE RETART GUPPY FRIDAY by DThomasReigns

Come together.........right now........ by SFCBurkhart

The PARADE (1 -Yes, he does need his own section)

Your OFFICIAL Sunday Afternoon PARADBULATION: 'Haley's'... by Official Arrowhead Pride Parade

*The Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback of the Future post received the most comments (121) and the most recs (11).

In the offseason, there's not much news coming from One Arrowhead Drive so I'm not surprised the Miscellaneous section had the most.

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