1999-2008 #3 Overall Draft Pick

In the last ten years the #3 overall pick has produced some superstars, but it is not a sure thing. Here is the list:

2008 Atlanta- Matt Ryan QB - Leaning towards Stud, to early to tell

2007 Cleveland -Joe Thomas OT- Stud

2006 Tennessee-Vince Young QB - Dud

2005 Cleveland-Braylon Edwards WR - Stud when healthy

2004 Arizona-Larry Fitzgerald WR - Stud

2003 Houston-Andre Johnson WR-Stud

2002 Detroit- Joey Harrington QB -Dud

2001 Cleveland-Gerard Warren DT - Dud

2000 Washington-Chris Samuels OT- Stud

1999 Cincinnatti-Akili Smith QB - Dud

QBs selected with this pick in the last ten years have been risky with a 25% success rate and its still too early to label Matt Ryan one way or the other.

OTs are solid winners with the #3 pick, but only two have been selected.

WRs are solid with all three making the ProBowl

DT was a miss with Gerard Warren.

If we draft here take the almost sure thing Michael Crabtree or an Offensive Tackle.

or cut sling and trade the pick if we are not filling a need.

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