piss on the 3-4

I dont understand everyones crush on the 3-4. yes pittsburgh runs it well as does baltimore. yes it is the flavor of the month in the league right now but so what. i dont think it really matters one way or the other what scheme you run. be it 3-4, 4-3, cover 2, man 2 man, prevent, or fg block on every down....well okay maybe not that but still. I hate how everyone tries to copy whatever won most recently. pittsburgh wins with 3-4, giants won with 4-3, indy wins with offense, balt won with defense.


run a 7-1-1-1-1 (this way your always prepared for the QB punt) for all i care just make sure you have the coaches to teach, and the players to execute. that is the most important part of this. execution. plain and simple

with all of the young talent on this team, especially on the defensive side, i am NOT in favor of switching defensive schemes. you need consistency to win. you need to know your job like the back of your hand and if you have to relearn everything well then the last 3 years have been even more of a waste then the horrible record shows. thats why teams like oakland, detroit, cincinati, and on and on are consistently bad. to much change. i know there needed to be change here in kansas city. 20 years under carl was just too much but we dont have to destory everything. Herm did bring in some good young talent, they were getting better as the season went on. even the defense showed glimpses....for plays maybe not for games, or halves, or quarters or drives but still. there is talent there. we already have a new HC we are going to have a new DC at the very least and there will be alot of new players this year im sure.

with everyone switching and picking up 3-4 players there should be more 4-3 players out there. its already going to be hard to draw players to KC considering how bad we have been and how much change is going on. the less we have to compete for these players the less we will have to pay. i really dont want to have to overpay for FA to come to KC. anyway yeah i dont want to switch.........and i hate matt cassel.(just going to throw that in there :)

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