How We Can Shift to a 3-4


     I think Pioli will want to switch to a 3-4 because he's been drafting players to that system his whole career. There are problems though because we don't have a traditional nose tackle on the roster and our linebacking corp has absolutely no depth. I think we can have a damn good 3-4 D next year, but it is going to take a few small realistic moves and a huge deal.

1. Sign either Crowder, B Scott or Barton to play the strongside inside linebacker.

2. Sign either Canty, Olshansky or A Smith to play one of the down lineman at DE.

3. Sign Wright (NT/DE, Patriots) and M Harris (OLB, Chargers) for depth.

4. Trade Dorsey and Herb Taylor to Bengals for #6 overall pick in order to draft BJ Raji (NT, Boston College). This is the drastic move that I'm not sure would work out. By the way I want Crabtree #3 overall.

5. Draft Clint Sintom (ROLB, Virginia) at the top of the 2nd round.

6. Move McBride to a down lineman, Hali to OLB and D Johnson to LILB.

7. I think Dacus could back-up DJ, we could draft Jasper Brinkley (ILB, South Carolina) in the 6th to back-up the RILB position and I guess we have to keep Boone, Tyler and D Williams and try to fit them in the system. I think D Williams could make a decent rush outside linebacker and Boone would be fine a DE. Tyler I guess could be the 3rd string NT after Raji and Wright.

8. O yeah, hire Crennel as our D coordinatoor

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