Fun Fast Chief Facts, you may not have ever known

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With todays economics and some teams cutting back, there are 151 Chief employees not counting Players, Coaches or Pioli.

Wille Davis and Gary Spani, former Chiefs players work for the front office. Willie is a scout and Gary is the Director of Special Events.

One of the alternate names to Chiefs that were offered was the Kansas City Mules.

The Chiefs won their first game in Arrowhead Stadium against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Due to the rescheduling of a game because of Hurricane Wilma, the Chiefs became the only team ever to travel and play in a road game on the same day, beating the Miami Dolphins.

Hall-of-Famer Mike Webster played Center for the Chiefs while also holding the position of Offensive Line Coach.

Though not officially retired, the number 37 has not been worn by a member of the Kansas City Chiefs since the death of former Running Back Joe Delaney.

Between 1970 and 2006, 1983 was the only year that the Chiefs did not induct anyone into their own Hall-of-Fame.

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