So we want a new Quarterback?

I have been reluctant to enter the debate on a new QB since I dont really watch that position in games.  I tend to watch more of the interior play and the Linebackers.  Anyways, after seeing what everyone had to say so far in other posts, I have come to one conclusion.  I think it will be best if I use pictures to show my point.  Please bare with me.


The thing I know we need concerning QB's is not necessarily the strong arm, the quick feet, nor the smarts to play in a Pro Set.  No, what we need most in a Quarterback is:

A short last name.

Let me show you:




romo1 (via greghedrick191)



romo2 (via greghedrick191)



But with a long name we get





romo4 (via greghedrick191)




So be careful who we ask for, because sometimes we end up with....with....well... I'll let you go throwup now.


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