Bigger Impact in FA or Draft?

With the free agency period only 2 short weeks away and the reving up of the NFL Combine -can't believe THAT guy went that high in the draft just based on his weightlifting/ 40 time in an unrealistic controlled environment with no one in his face- Hype machine; a simple question must be raised.

Will the 2009 Chiefs be impacted more by the players they draft or by the players they pick up in free agency.  There is no question about Pioli's ability to bring in quality players.  However, I contend that he is better at free agent acquisition then drafting; I feel that we are all adult enough to admit that Brady and Cassel were freakin hail mary miracles.  Still even without those guys, he still drafts above average in my opinion, no serious all world Sims-esque flame outs from the first day in the draft.

I still feel that his FA pickups far outshine his drafting, so I present this poll and if anyone has a statistical breakdown to compare Pioli's draftng vs FA and where he gets more starters/value then please let the rest of us know.



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