Chiefs Haiku

Alright sportsfans, we've had tons of posts about who the Cheifs should or shoudn't draft.  It's Friday and many of us are counting down the hours, or in my case ripping the spiders out from under my skin, until we punsh the shit out of our livers.  Lets spice it up and see how creative you knobs can be with some KC haikus. 


I'll kick it off...



Night can’t get any worse

Trendy KC bars are lame

LJ spits on you


End of an era

Hy-Vee, big baller in town

So long Chiefs and Chopper


Hi may I help you?

Short end and frys to stay, please

God bless Ollie Gates


Rey Rey or Curry

Linebacker or O-lineman

Just don’t draft Stafford


When will this day end?

Heavy sweating, shaky hands

I’d kill for a drink



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