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Kansas City Chiefs Mock Draft Tracker: Vol. 1

Just over two years ago, while I was wasting time at the "real" job, I came up with the Mock Draft Tracker. It's basically the same type of mock draft database idea everyone else has. I just called it a tracker.

Well, it's back for the 2009 off season. We're going to be keeping track of what a number of mock drafts say about the Chiefs. We'll be tracking the first round pick of each mock draft and keeping tallies of the players picked and the positions picked.

I'm not very discriminating with the mock drafts I select. If the author seems to have put effort into their mock draft, I will include in our count.

Each volume of the Mock Draft Tracker will include snippets from each new mock added to the list. The tables are after the jump. Enjoy.

The Football Expert - LB Aaron Curry

Probably the hardest pick in the whole first round.  I believe if the Chiefs feel that Mark Sanchez or Matthew Stafford, assuming he is available, is a franchise quarterback the Chiefs must draft him here.  If the Chiefs do feel strongly about a quarterback that is available, this should and WILL be the pick.  However, if the Chiefs don't grade the quarterbacks that highly, and believe Tyler Thigpen has "potential" to be the quarterback of the future, then the Chiefs can instead draft the top defensive player in the draft in Curry.

NE Patriots Draft - OT Eugene Monroe

A nimble big man that can really block for his QB, Monroe could improve his strength and run-blocking skills.

Draft Kid - DE Brian Orakpo

Thigpen will be the QB of the future for the Chiefs, They need help on their pass rushing and although this could be a debate, I think Orakpo is the best DE.

Walter Football - QB Matt Sanchez

This isn't as much of a lock as Matt Stafford going first or the Seahawks taking Michael Crabtree, but I think there's a pretty good chance that the Chiefs select Mark Sanchez. A new regime usually means a new quarterback, and Sanchez is way too talented to pass up.

Draft Green Room - QB Mark Sanchez

I don’t think Sanchez is the third best player in the Draft. I just think Scott Pioli and Todd Haley will want to add a young quarterback prospect with this pick. Their best bet would be trading back a little bit, because they can probably get Sanchez a little later in the Draft.

Niners Nation - LB Aaron Curry

The Chiefs have a lot of needs, but I think Mark Sanchez is a big reach at #3 and with Stafford gone I think they’ll look to improve the defense. Curry is the #1 rated Senior prospect and a good bet to be a serious performer in his first year of playing.

The Red Zone Report - LB Aaron Curry

For those fans hoping that the Chiefs get a franchise QB in this draft, you might be left hoping that Matthew Stafford falls here. Personally, I think Tyler Thigpen has earned the job at least through 2009, though Scott Pioli and new coach Todd Haley might think otherwise.
Pick Count (7 Total Mocks)
QB (2) Mark Sanchez (2)
LB (2) Aaron Curry (2)
OT (2) Eugene Monroe (2)
DE (1) Brian Orakpo (1)

Kansas City Chiefs 2009 Mock Draft Tracker

Site 1st Round Pick Date
The Football Expert LB Aaron Curry 2/13
NE Patriots Draft OT Eugene Monroe 2/12
Draft Kid DE Brian Orakpo 2/12
The Red Zone Report OT Eugene Monroe 2/12
Walter Football QB Mark Sanchez 2/11
Draft Green Room QB Mark Sanchez 2/11
Niners Nation LB Aaron Curry 2/5

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