Who Will Be Cut?

So far we have seen teams like Houston and both NY teams trimming down the roster. I'm not getting impatient. I'm just curious to see who we release. Here is who I think will not be wearing a Chiefs uniform next year.

Patrick Surtain. He's actually pretty good at tackling. However he is old and slow. He takes up a lot of space on the cap. He's gone.

Donnie Edwards. He's older and more injury-prone, He wasn't a bad tackler either. But his time has come.

LJ. Enough said.

Damon Huard. He won't get a shot as the starting QB next season, which is what he probably wanted last year.

Damion McIntosh. I kind of feel bad for Dmac. He's was an average/above average left tackle. Then we put him on the right side and he looked lost. With Albert cemented as our LT of the future, Dmac won't be gettting his old job back.

Brodie Croyle. He is the definition of injury prone. He might get another shot but it won't surprise me if he gets cut.

Who else?


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