How's this for a Larry Johnson Trading Scenario...

The Cleveland Browns.

With Cleveland seeming more intent on going with Brady Quinn over Derek Anderson, should the Chiefs consider trading LJ for the former pro-bowler? The Browns will be looking to upgrade their running game after last season. Jamal Lewis has been good for them, but he's lost his edge. LJ could  help take the pressure off Brady Quinn's essentially rookie season. The best part is, both players are still under contract, so no salary cap penalties would accrue in a player-for-player trade for Anderson.

Anderson seemed to flame out last year, and lost his starting job to the upstart Quinn, but how much of that occured because of a weak supporting cast, aka, a #1 receiver who led the league in dropped passes, a ground game ranked 26th overall, and a defense that was ranked 26th overall? Let's not also forget the many off-the-field issues through which Anderson was dragged. Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards were whiny prima-donnas and argued with the front office which hampered team unity and disrupted chemistry. Winslow precipitated the staff infection scare. Edwards consistently complained publicly about Anderson, hurting his reputation and igniting Cleveland's fanbase to clamor for Quinn. Other players in the locker room anonymously came to Anderson's defense, further dividing the locker room. It was an ugly situation. If any one else remembers reading those stories when they happened about mid-to-late season in 2008 or has links it would be much appreciated, I'm working from memory on this.

In 2007, prior to all this hullaballoo, Anderson put up some pretty solid numbers and played with excellent poise. He was supposed to lead his team to the play-offs before everything crumbled around him

298/527 comp/att (56.5%), 3787 passing yards, 29 TDs/19 INTs, and an overall rating of 82.5.   

Trading for Anderson would let us get the Larry Johnson yolk off our back, eliminate our own locker-room issues, and give us an excuse to draft for a pass-first offense (aka Crabtree, to get the most value out of our #3, and a RT in the mid rounds), while looking to FA to bolster the defense.

This is just one of many scenarios, but something I personally wouldn't mind seeing happen. I am a KC fan at heart, but was really rooting for the 2007 Browns amidst the 9-game skid of 2007, and thought Anderson looked really good. What are your thoughts, concerns, criticisms of such a move?

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