News on possible Asst Coach hire

Since the Chiefs aren't very forthcoming on news about searching, interviewing and barely anything on hiring, I thought I would take the initiative to make the news myself.

I called the Stadium yesterday and talked with a nice lady concerning the position coaches and coordinator jobs available.  While very patient with me, she kept telling me she has no clue on anything that has transpired with these positions.  She did admit Tim Krumrie was still employed, but knew Dick Curl had moved on.

So it was then I asked where I could apply for one of the position coaching jobs.  She told me that she knew of no openings.  I then asked if there were any openings posted and she said no.  I asked in the past if it was a practice to openly post these jobs and she said no.

I then asked if I could apply for one of the Coordinator jobs and she said no.  Same rhetoric as above. So with that we ended a pleasant conversation and I came away with two observations.

1) The Chiefs employees have no idea whats going on with the coaching staff

2) The Chiefs don't want this redeneck from Mississippi working on their staff

So to make it official, The Kansas City Chiefs have turned down the opportunity to interview a potential candidate for both the Coordinators and position coaching positions. This candidate was a white male with no coaching experience and would have installed the Wing T formation had he been hired or the infamous 9-1-1 defense.

Chris Mortenson are you listening?

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