addressing the draft.

with the numbet 3 pick in the 2009 nfl draft the kansas city chiefs select.............who knows.  at the number three pick, lets face it, its a tough place to be.  not only is it difficult to trade down but it is extremely easy to reach on a player that my not warrant that pick. heres what i am thinking.

if we keep the pick, it NEEDS to be the best player available.  and at this time, though its early, is crabtree.  you can make the case for curry but lets wait for the combine and pro days to see who clims up the charts.

this draft i think has to address the offense.  most of the defense is extremely young and the holes in the defense can be addressed in Free agency which can bring in experience and leadership that our young defense desperately needs.  i am not going to go round by round for picks at this time because i want to wait till after the combine and all that.

all i can say is this offseason should be really exciting and i cant wait until the draft.  oh and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!

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