ESPN Refusing To Report On Roberto Alomar Allegations?

This has nothing to do with football.  Or even Kansas City all.  So I can understand if Chris or Primetime knock this thread down (and I'll apologize for cluttering) but it's got to do with the network that covers our team most extensively (often inaccurately) so I've got to ask.

What in the hell with ESPN not reporting on the Roberto Alomar lawsuit?

You've got a story that broke this afternoon that a Hall of Fame caliber player is supposedly suffering from full-blown AIDS and is being sued by his girlfriend because he allegedly repeatedly rejected medical advice and refused to get an AIDS test and allegedly exposed her to the HIV virus (possibly intentionally).  The story's broken on CNN, Fox, Yahoo, USA Today, and even ABC.  And yet as of this writing ESPN has yet to publish anything about it...not even a breaking news banner. 

I can understand if the network isn't interested in smearing Alomar or backing unfounded allegations, but the lawsuit being filed is a fact, it's newsworthy (especially for Alomar's lawyer's refusal to shoot down the story that his client has AIDS), and it's being covered by pretty much every news outlet in the country except the alleged Worldwide Leader In Sports.  So I honestly can't help but wonder if ESPN, who are more tied to Major League Baseball (because of their broadcasting deal) than any other network out there, decided to sit on this story because of that contract...especially considering their tendency to rumor-monger on stories far less substantiated than this one.  And if that's the case, that's a big story in and of itself.

Any thoughts?

Update:  ESPN finally published a story...about seven hours after everyone else picked it up.

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