Pioli Leaving A Mess

Apparently Scott Pioli has amazing timing because he has left the Patriots one season before things look like they may blow up!!!

According to the Boston Globe The Patriots have 21 scheduled free agents in 2010 and in 2009 have over 29 million tied up in two quarterbacks.

per the Globe, the Patriots have $10.5 million in cap space devoted to wide receiver Randy Moss, $9.79 million to defensive end Richard Seymour, linebacker Adalius Thomas’ $6.4 million and the quarterbacks’ cap impact and it’s roughly $56 million or nearly half the salary cap spent on five players.

And the Patriots’ 2010 free agent class will be extremely hard to retain.

It’s a distinguished group that includes, Vince Wilfork, offensive guards Logan Mankins and Stephen Neal, Seymour and Jarvis Green, tight ends Benjamin Watson and David Thomas, linebackers Tedy Bruschi and Mike Vrabel, running back Kevin Faulk, placekicker Stephen Gostkowski, and cornerback Ellis Hobbs.


Even if 2010 is uncapped the Patriots will be breaking the bank just to keep half of their starters and a great deal of them are old… so IMO it looks like Pioli may have saw the writing on the wall.


Doriang03 A.K.A. SouthSide D


Source: Pro Football Talk


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