It seems as though the draft debate has shifted to possibly selecting an Offensive Tackle with the #3 pick. I am not above this idea as having a powerhouse line can do wonders for a team. In recent memory our beloved Chiefs had a crushing O-LINE and the results where record breaking. Who among us would not like to see our QB have all day to throw or our RB have lanes the size of I-70 to run through?

However this brings up a few possiblities: What would we do with last years selection Mr. Albert? Would we move him or keep him at LT? How would the pick effect the rest of the line? Would you move Albert inside, push Waters over to center freeing up Niswanger to move over to RG with McIntosh still holding down RT?

This is what I propose we do if we decide to go with an OT  with the #3 pick. 

Jason Smith OT Baylor. He has best feet of any OT, (used to play TE) and is very athletic, also projected as having the highest upside of any OT in the draft. Smith goes to LT. Albert slides to, nope not LG but rather RT. This gives us a pair of athletic tackles, who can keep our QB safe in a pass happy offense ie the Haley/Gailey Magical Hour. Bookend Tackles for years to come, significant impovement on the right side of the ball, slight improvement on the left side, makes sense for the salary cap, and considering where Albert was picked #15, putting him at RT would not be considereded a loss of value.

We cut McIntosh, move Niswanger to RG, and bring in Jason Brown from Baltimore, or Matt Birk from Minnesota, Birk may not play at the level he did 3-4 years ago, but he is an improvement over Niswanger.

So at the end of the shuffle we will have a line looking like this

LT- Jason Smith

LG- Brian Waters

C- Jason Brown/ Matt Birk

RG- Rudy Niswanger

RT- Branden Albert

With the various scenarios out there what would you do if your the one calling the shots?


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