I've been reading many posts about who we should draft with the third pick in the draft. I don't believe there is a QB worth a pick that high and while I believe Curry would be an excellent pick I think that teams built for the long haul start with the Offensive and Defensive lines. I think Defensive End is one of our most pressing needs but like QB there is not a prospect worth the number 3 pick. So that leaves O-line. I think if we can put another beast Offensive lineman next to Albert it could anchor the O-line for years to come. I think we will be able to pull a excellent LB with our pick in the second round because of the depth at that position in this years draft. Why not bulk up the line with Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe and give Thiggy a chance to lead the team with some protection. If he doesn't work out there will be a much better crop of QBs next year. Of course free-agency could change everything. Let me know what you think.

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