Free Agency 2009 - Do Chiefs have options?

We all know that the Chiefs have quite a few holes and places of need.  Does anyone really believe that they will not try to fill some of those holes via Free Agency?  Using this sight; I have listed a few FAs that might be worth a look.

Albert Haynesworth (27 Yrs Old), UFA, Tennessee Titans, DT
Haynesworth has had his share of controversy surrounding him in the past, but he’s turned things around and has focused on simply playing the game. This year, he improved upon his ’07 season by totaling 8.5 sacks, making 51 total tackles, and forcing three fumbles. The Titans look like a different team on defense depending on whether or not Haynesworth is on the field; with him on the field they are one of the best defenses in the league because of the pressure he takes off of others. Expect Tennessee to work hard to keep him in hopes that he continues to bolster their defensive play as a whole.

Terrell Suggs (26 Yrs Old), UFA, Baltimore Ravens, OLB
Being a linebacker that also works at defensive end has helped Suggs become an end that can track the ball above average. In his first six NFL seasons, Suggs has made 368 total tackles and earned 53 sacks. Suggs may not be as rewarded as Peppers or Haynesworth will be in free agency, but he will certainly be pursued by a number of teams who want to save a little money and still come away with a quality defensive end. Baltimore is constantly pumping out quality defensive players, so they may not be willing to match a big offer if one comes along, but they will miss Suggs if they lose him.

Does anyone else think that the Chiefs may have some of these FAs on their radar?

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