perspective on LJ

after listening to the interview that 610 did with LJ and the post by Primetime 07 i have a different perspective on Larry than i originally had before. Larry Johnson is not mad at the team, and he wasnt neccessarily upset with the coaches.  i think that he is upset with himself ( and a little homesick)  i know i am a little late since its been about a week since his interview, but better late than never right?  anyway i know i am going to get flack for this but here is what i think.

1)  Larry is stressed out with what has gone off the field.  let us remember that Larry is still innocent until proven guilty and people accuse other people for various reasons.  while i believe he has an attitude and probably did what he is accused of, we dont know all the circumstances that led up to the confrontation.

2) Larry wants the ball whenever he is on the field.  lets face it, he didnt get the carries he should have got last season.  in the interview he brought up a good point.  how can you abondon what was working when he had around 80 yards from the first half, then go all pass happy.  running the ball effectively takes pressure off the QB.

3) Larry doesnt feel like he is a superstar for this team when they try to trade him every year.  i dont know if this is true or not but if they have tried to trade him several times then i could understand his frustration.  i mean would you feel comfortable there.

4) finally, and this is just my opinion, i think Larry wants to be a Chief as long as he is in the gameplan and getting his touches. oh and WINNING.  he stated how he loves to play for the team, play in the stadium, and playing on the field(grass) even when its muddy.

  i personally think that Scott Pioli, Todd Haley, and Larry Johnson need to sit down, lay everything out on the table and then go from there.  larry can still be productive and with a new regiem and with a different system ( in orginization as well as the team) i think Larry and the Chiefs can still work together.  and then in a couple of years if he feels the same then he can be traded when his contract gives us more maneuverability.



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