Curry or Sanchez?

So I just read a piece by Matt McGuire over at Walter Football,, suggesting that when it comes to our pick @ #3 , the choice will be between Aaron Curry, LB or Mark Sanchez, QB.

McGuire is saying that he thinks the pick will be for Sanchez based on his potential and recent draft history of franchise QB's taken with regime changes. I disagree.

I think that Mr. Pioli goes defense and selects Curry to help shore up our LB corp. My thoughts are that Sanchez is unproven and we all know the history of underclassmen QB's coming into the pros to early. Curry on the hand is the highest rated LB coming out this year, a graduating senior, and would go farther with value for us as he can step in Day 1 to make an immediate impact, where as the odds are against Sanchez being able to make the jump and become a starter from the get go.

So what do you think Chiefs Fans, if there is no way we can trade down out of the #3 slot, do we go with Aaron Curry or Mark Sanchez?

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