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Kansas City Chiefs Coach Breaks Down the Buffalo Bills

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley said today that he felt the team had a good start to their preparation for Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills.  In a meeting with reporters this afternoon, Haley gave a broad overview of the Bills offensively and defensively.

His words, along with a few notes by me, after the jump.

"Like I said, we’ve got our week cut out for us with this Buffalo team. They’ve got multiple weapons on offense, a quarterback who can really run and does run; they’ve got two backs in Lynch and Jackson that are big, fast backs that have a bunch of carries over 10 yards much like last week, and two receivers who can hurt you in a lot of different ways and from anywhere on the field."

Overall, the Bills offense isn't very good.  They're ranked 28th in passing yards and 19th in rushing yards.

This season RB Fred Jackson has seen three carries to every two Marshawn Lynch carries.  Jackson has been more efficient, 4.1 yards per carry, than Lynch, 3.5 yards per carry.

Meanwhile, Terrell Owens has put up nearly 700 yards at 16 yards a clip.  Not bad considering Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick have been throwing to him.

"Defensively," Haley continues, "we’re [facing] a four-three front after seeing a three-four for a bunch of weeks. That presents its own problems. This is a prideful front four that is big and strong and has one of the premier pass rushers in the league in Schobel. They’ve been beat up a little bit at linebacker but they’ve had some guys come in and play and are fitting in with what the defense is trying to do. They’ve got a secondary that finds a way to the football starting with this rookie Byrd. He’s one of those players that the ball seems to find its way into his hands. Those are the kind of guys who are dangerous."

The Bills are obviously terrible at stopping the run ranked last in the NFL.  Their pass defense, however, is ranked fourth against yards.  I'll admit I'm no expert on the Bills but a really, really low rush defense and, at least going by the numbers, a good pass defense sounds like the 2008 Chiefs.

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