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Buffalo Bills the Early Favorites Over the Kansas City Chiefs

This morning I checked the line for Sunday's game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills.  At that point, it was a pick 'em.  

Late season game with both teams having nothing to play for?  Possibly in bad weather?  I wouldn't want to be betting on that and neither would Ryan from KC Chiefs Blog:

I’ve seen the line "as high" as 1.5 for the Chiefs, but most are sitting at EVEN and I can’t blame them.  I might be the only person following this team that is confident about this weekend after the past two weeks.  But don’t take my mildly good feelings about the Chiefs chances as any sort of endorsement for putting any money on this game.  When you are dealing with two teams that have had nothing but trouble, it’s best to stay far, far away.

Now, though, the Bills have the early lead and are currently one point favorites. 

This is a hard game to predict. In fact, the entire Chiefs season is difficult to predict.  Will the team that beat the Steelers and played with the Ravens show up?  Or will the team that played the Eagles and the Chargers show up?

Who knows?

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