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'09 Chiefs Trying to Avoid All Time Worst Scoring Record

The Kansas City Chiefs have scored 196 points so far this season, with four games to go.

Not counting strike shortened seasons, what year did the Kansas City Chiefs put up the fewest number of points in franchise history?

The answer and more, after the jump.

If you guessed 1977, you're right. The Chiefs only scored 225 points in 1977 under head coaches Paul Wiggin and Tom Bettis. That's only 16 points per game in a fourteen game season. No wonder Paul Wiggin got fired halfway through the season.

The second worst season for scoring points was in 2007, when the Chiefs and Herm Edwards only scored 226 points. That is the worst all time mark for a sixteen game season and only an average of 14.1 points a game.

Currently, the 2009 Chiefs are scoring 16.3 points a game.

Just how bad were the 1977 team's 225 points? Let's take a quick look at some of the worst seasons in Chiefs history, according to point totals (P.S. Thank god for Pro Football Reference).

Year W L T Pts Coaches
1977 2 12 0 225 Wiggin,Bettis
2007 4 12 0 226 Edwards
1973 7 5 2 231 Stram
1974 5 9 0 233 Stram
1979 7 9 0 238 Levy

We had Herm Edwards. Older Chiefs fans had the 1970s. Interestingly enough, the low scoring did not translate into a losing season under Hank Stram in 1973. What a hell of a coach.

So what do the Chiefs need to do to avoid an all time worst mark for scoring?

  • To beat the 1977 Chiefs who played a 14 game season, the Chiefs need 30 points.
  • To beat the 2007 Chiefs who played a 16 game season, the team will need 31 points.

In order to beat these all time worsts, the Chiefs will need to average over a touchdown a game. The good news? The 2009 Chiefs have only scored below ten points once this season, back in October against the Chargers.

I like our chances to get out of the woods but I don't think the 2009 Chiefs will push too far past 225 points.

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