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Chiefs RB Charles Likely Wants to Clarify These Comments


Photo courtesy John Sleezer of the Kansas City Star

Sports talk radio was abuzz this morning with a few comments made by Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles following the Chiefs blowout loss to the Denver Broncos.  From my experience with Charles, he's "all in" with the Todd Haley plan, a team-first guy and is focused on winning as a team.

That's why this was so surprising from Charles yesterday:

"We started out the game real good," he said. "Somebody just gotta step up, besides me, and help me out and make plays."

It's the "besides me" line that had 610 Sports talking about it this morning. The implications of that statement are obvious.

As Nick Wright pointed out, a line like this is out of character from Charles.  "That is not who Jamaal Charles is," Wright said this morning, "and that's a statement that I'm sure when he talks to the media on Wednesday he will clarify because he did not mean it like that."

Likely it was just a slip-up but it certainly doesn't look good.  However, I'm with Nick on this one that Charles probably didn't mean it like it comes off.  I missed this particular quote in the locker room after the game (caught the audio on 610 Sports).

The comments I personally heard from Charles were much different.

*"It hurt. We can't have that. This shouldn't be allowed out here. This was embarrassing."

*"Somebody just gotta come through as a family and [we have to] stick together.  You're going to have good days and bad days.  This is a bad day and we have to put this in the past and look to the future."

*"We didn't quit. We just made bad decisions today and it really hurt.  When you turn the ball over like that the game goes by fast and that's what happened today."

Out of character?  Probably.  Not what meant?  Probably not.  Bad timing?  Definitely.

(H/T bonesjackson)

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