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Chiefs Players Say They Didn't Quit Against the Broncos

Losing two consecutive weeks by nearly identical scores, 43-14 and 44-13, has to bring a team down.  At this time 8 days ago, the Chiefs had given up 23 points off turnovers, one of the better marks in the league. 

They have given up 45 points off turnovers in the last two weeks.

The question, 'Did anyone quit today?' was asked to a handful of Chiefs players.  Here's what they said:

Jamaal Charles: "We didn't quit. We just made bad decisions today and it really hurt.  When you turn the ball over like that the game goes by fast and that's what happened today."

Glenn Dorsey: "No. I never saw that. We go to work everyday and work too hard to quit."

Bobby Wade: "Not that I know of."

Chris Chambers: "Not at all. Guys went out there and continued to play. This is our job and we take pride in it. It's really the time you can't quit and you have to show your pride and show you want to be part of this team for now and the future."

From my conversations, Dorsey was the most emphatic that the team didn't quit. He's always been that way. That's encouraging to hear, especially from a defensive lineman, because that position has more to do with effort than most positions.

The last two seasons, both miserable, have had this questions question asked and, I think for the most part, the players haven't quit.

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