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Woody Paige Isn't a Fan of Chiefs Coach "Todd Failey"

I'd say Kansas City knows a little bit about out-spoken columnists.  Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star, the largest voice coming out of this city, tabbed the nickname Scott Egoli and has been critical of Todd Haley's sideline demeanor, among other things.

Well, Denver has a similar columnist with a big name.  Woody Paige, columnist for the Denver Post and frequent visitor on ESPN, has a nickname for the Chiefs head coach after watching him get toasted by Paige's hometown Broncos.

"Todd Failey."

In a piece with the title, "McD The Pick Of The Litter", Paige slams Haley by saying the Broncos are "Very lucky that Haley is in Kansas City, not Denver."

Paige noted the Chiefs decision to go for field goals while facing two fourth downs in the first half.  Then he points to the "ludicrous" fake punt call in the third quarter.  Both part of the Chiefs losing game plan on Sunday, and this season, Paige writes.

All in all, he says fans should be thankful that the Broncos head honchos decided to hire McDaniels, and not "Failey."

He ignores the fact that the Broncos have one of the best young lines in the NFL which gives plenty of time to Kyle "Pro Bowl" Orton (his words, not mine).  It all starts with the quarterback position and a good offensive line can turn an average or below quarterback into a good-enough-to-win quarterback or better.  I'm not saying that's the whole issue here but I think that something like that should be recognized because it makes a big difference.

Paige ends his slam-fest with one statement that, for now, appears to be true.

"On Sunday, Arrowhead Stadium was half-full, and Failey and the Chiefs are completely empty."

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