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Wade Says Sideline Yelling Match With Haley Is No Big Deal

On the second play of the Chiefs first drive in yesterday's loss to the Broncos, QB Matt Cassel faced a heavy rush causing him to fling the ball to FB Mike Cox.  Unfortunately, the connection didn't go through and the Chiefs QB quickly rallied the troops to the line in a no huddle offense.

Yes, I said quickly. An emphasis last week had been on starting fast and Haley intent was to do that.

The Chiefs got the quick snap and Cassel saw a streaking Wade about as open as you can be.  The throw was about a yard long but still deemed catchable. 

Wade dropped it.

That was on third down, the Chiefs nemesis this season. From my seating, I could see Chiefs head coach Todd Haley yelling in, ahem, animated fashion in the direction of Wade. He was waving his play sheet as Wade came jogging off the field.

As Haley started to turn away (since he, you know, told the players he would cool it with the sideline yelling), Wade yelled back and had to be restrained by another player.

Haley continued on his way.

"It was frustration," Wade explained after the game. "It was his words then me making a comment I shouldn't have made back. That's just frustration."

"It's the same exact feeling," he continued. "He (Haley) was feeling the same way I was. It's not animosity, it's just about guys being really competitive and wanting to make a play in the game. Coach is competitive and so am I."

Later in this game, Chiefs head coach Todd Haley would use a fake punt to catch the Broncos off guard. He probably knew the Chiefs needed a play like that to get ahead in this game, which is why he was so upset that Wade couldn't hang onto it.

Wade's a professional (Haley's words) and I don't expect anything to come of this. He's not the first player to be on the end of a Haley-infused yelling match.

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