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The Worst Game of Matt Cassel's Career

Today is a game that Kansas City Chiefs fans want to forget. And it's especially a game that QB Matt Cassel wants to forget.

Why is that? Today was definitively Cassel's worst game of his career. Let's see what he did against the league's 5th ranked defense today:

  • 10/29 passing (34%)
  • 84 yards passing
  • Two interceptions
  • One fumble (recovered and not exactly his fault)
  • 14.6 passer rating
  • 2.9 yards per pass attempt

Cassel had career lows in passing percentage, passer rating, completion percentage, yards per pass attempt and passing yards (excluding the final game of 2008 against the Bills when the wind was just out of control).

It didn't help that his receivers had a ridiculous number of drops - seven in the first half alone.

Another aspect of the game that makes Cassel's performance hard to swallow is that the Chiefs' offensive line actually didn't play like the worst line in the NFL against the Broncos. The Chiefs' line only gave up two sacks to Elvis Dumervil and company. For the most part today, Cassel had time to throw.

It's just that when he did make a pass, more often than not his receivers dropped balls or Cassel himself was off the mark. Here's what he had to say after the game on what went wrong:

“I mean, you name it. There were a lot of things going wrong out there. We didn’t get in much of a rhythm all day; we didn’t take advantage of a few big-play opportunities. I can’t throw [my receivers] the ball, obviously, and there were a number of issues, especially on the offensive side of the ball today.”

The offense is broken, we know that. I'm still not sure if Matt Cassel has the talent to overcome some of the Chiefs' problems on offense. So far, he hasn't shown that he has.

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