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Chiefs LB Vrabel Lets Emotions Get Best of Him, Bud Adams Style

In the fourth quarter of Sunday's 44-13 loss to the Denver Broncos, one of the leaders of the Kansas City Chiefs defense let his emotions get the best of him.

On a fourth and one, nursing a big lead in the fourth quarter, the Broncos opted to go for it.  And go for it they did all the way to the end zone via an 18 yard run by Knowshon Moreno.

After the game, Chiefs LB Mike Vrabel wasn't bothered by the Broncos decision to go for it.

"They can call whatever they wanna run," Vrabel said, "and go for it on fourth down every single time if they want.  We just have to stop them.  I've been on the other side when things are great, and being on this side, ain't so good."

But during the game, Vrabel appeared to have a problem with it.  Frustration manifested itself Bud Adams style, by Vrabel flipping the bird in the direction of the Broncos bench after Moreno's touchdown run.  He continued to walk back to the bench in obvious frustration.

Does he think the league will fine him for it?

"I don't know," he said quietly after the game. "I think that they can take a look at it and do with it what they want."

The league fined Titans owner Bud Adams $250,000 for flipping off the Buffalo fans several weeks ago.  In November of 2006, Michael Vick was fined $10,000 for a similar hand signal.

Vrabel went on to say more players on the team need to do whatever Tamba Hali is doing.  Hali forced two fumbles and notched three more sacks to his season total.

"It's sad we couldn't win for a guy like Tamba who played his ass off," he said. "We just need to play up to what Tamba and guys like that are doing.  If we win, that's a great story instead we're just frustrated."

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