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Herm Picks the Chiefs to Beat the Broncos

Your ESPN expert Herm Edwards (still sounds strange) has picked the Kansas City Chiefs to beat the Denver Broncos this weekend.  His cohort Mark Schlereth picked the Broncos.

In the last three seasons, The Chiefs are 2-4 against the Broncos.  

The former Chiefs coach picks the Chiefs and the former Broncos player picks the Broncos.  Heh.

Mark Schlereth: "I'm going Broncos right now. Guess what, they found how to run the ball. They know they can turn the clock and move the chains. I'm going Broncos."

Schlereth is a 12 year NFL veteran, now an ESPN analyst. He played six of those seasons for the Broncos.  He was there for the major battles in the 90s so his name is not looked upon fondly around here.

Herm: "Yeah, I like them too but here's the problem: It's December, They're 1-17 in Arrowhead in December. And the Chiefs and those fans will take the ball away.  I'm going Chiefs."

Herm started his career vs. the Broncos on a poor note losing 9-6 in 2006. He later made up for it and beat them that season.  The Broncos embarrassed the Chiefs twice in 2007 and the teams split in 2008.

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