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Bronco Week: Overrated, Underrated and Just Right

via <a href="">Jessica Ann</a>
via Jessica Ann

Overrated, underrated and just right is a great post that we haven't done in a while. It always generates fun discussion and gets some of the lurkers to come out of the woodwork.

How does it work? Easy. Name something that is overrated, underrated and rated just about right. 

It can be Bronco related, Chiefs related, NFL related or not related to anything about sports. The goal is to have some fun discussion while we pass the time on this boring Friday.

I'll start it off:

Overrated: Broncos' defense

Underrated: Eating healthy

Just right: Snow days

I can't say I'm a believer that the Broncos' D has completely turned around from last year's canker sore of a season. Like Joel and others have mentioned, I think it has more to do with teams not really sure about their game planning because of the new looks the Broncos have been giving teams.

I'm proud to say that I've actually been making a conscious effort to eat better recently and I can see and feel a clear difference in my daily life. I feel better in general, have more energy and I'm less stressed. Who knew? This raw kale pesto recipe is where it's at. Yeah, I just dropped a recipe on AP. Can you tell I recently got married?

It's just after 7 AM here in Austin and they're talking about schools getting let out early today because of the threat of snow. Now, this is Austin, so schools will close even under the threat of a sprinkle of snow but it reminds me of how great snow days were back in Kansas City while I was growing up. I couldn't get out of bed without my Mom shaking me but on a snow day, I inevitably would be up at 6 AM ready to go outside with my sled.

Ahhh...snow days. One of life's great presents. I would love to hear some snow days stories today.

Let's have it at APers. Give us your underrated, overrated and just right picks in the comments.

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