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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 12/4



Happy Friday!! Rock the red if you can. Here is today's Chiefs news from across the internet.

They will honor Derrick Thomas on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium during the Chiefs game against the Broncos, retiring his No. 58 jersey.

Denver linebacker Elvis Dumervil just might sneak out of the locker room a bit early at the intermission so he can see the ceremonies.

The NFL’s leading sacker, Dumervil has always had hero, one player he modeled his game after.

"Derrick Thomas, hands down, because of his ability to get the ball out, to force fumbles," Dumervil said. "Seven sacks in one game; he was relentless, and that’s what I want to be known as, a guy who is non-stop; someone that you have to account for four quarters.

"He was the perfect defensive player. He played with great energy and attitude. That was my guy growing up. He just destroyed people."

Elvis Will Be In The Building … Friday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

Studebaker said it was a good thing that Vrabel was in his ear all that time, and Haley has said that part of his long-term vision for the Chiefs is to pack the roster with players such as Vrabel, a starter who’s willing to mentor younger players even if it means they’ll someday threaten his own starting job.

"As soon as he thinks he can help," Studebaker said, "he’s there helping. Whether it was on the sidelines during the games or walking off the field after the walkthrough on Saturday, any time he sees anything he thinks can help, he’ll say something."

Studebaker said Vrabel most often emphasizes communication among other defenders. If there’s clarity, there’s a better chance of success. Studebaker understood that, and he said that’s why he felt ready to join the starting lineup two weeks ago against the Steelers.

He had been taught well, and although he was on his own, he said he had been prepared well.

"We beat a very good team with him playing," Haley said. "… We had a guy that we didn’t know a lot about that now we have at least an idea of some of the things he might be capable of."

Vrabel’s injury reveals bright spot in Studebaker from KC Star

It’s been almost a whole season and very little has come out of Motown featuring former Chiefs head coach and defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham.

That finally ended on Thursday, when the Detroit Free Press sat down to talk with Gun about offenses in the NFL.

And he had plenty to say, some of it very familiar to Chiefs fans who will remember the first game of Cunningham’s two years as head coach, back in September of 1999. The opponent that day was the Bears and they had a new offense in place, one that Gun called "frisbee football."

A decade later, his thoughts haven’t changed.

Gunther With Something To Say from Bob Gretz

Former Chiefs defensive end Neil Smith is facing charges of driving while intoxicated and failing to drive in a single lane.

Smith, 43, was scheduled to appear Thursday in Jackson County Circuit Court, but the matter was continued until Jan. 7, according to court records.

Kevin Regan, an attorney for Smith, denied the allegations.

"Neil Smith is an outstanding giver in many ways in our community, and he takes that role very seriously," Regan said Thursday.

Smith, former Chief, faces DWI charge from KC Star

Hindsight has brought greater understanding of the Broncos' flirtation with Matt Cassel.

What nobody knew then, but what everybody can guess at now, is that experience alone wasn't going to cure Jay Cutler of his flaws as an NFL quarterback.

Cutler's talent is off the charts. So are his NFL-high 20 interceptions. Josh McDaniels, the Broncos' new head coach, must have seen then what he won't talk about now.

McDaniels' offensive system demands a disciplined quarterback. A great arm helps, sure, but not at the expense of taking unnecessary risks.

Josh McDaniels had a vision that better fit Cassel, Orton from The Denver Post

It was a long journey for Andy Studebaker. Starting 2 yards deep in his end zone, the Kansas City Chiefs’ outside linebacker chugged and churned until finally being brought down at the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 8-yard line.

Immediately, he was swarmed by teammates following his pivotal interception and return on Nov. 22 at Kansas City.

"You’re going on adrenalin during the run and when you’re down, you realize how winded you are," Studebaker said. "Everybody is chest bumping me and I’m like, ‘Where’s the sideline? I need to sit down.’ "

Kindred: Small-town boy Studebaker making a big NFL impact from

The Kansas City Chiefs indoor training facility is on the road to completion. Students had a chance to have their voices heard by the President of Missouri Western Robert Vartabedian and members of his cabinet at the second annual President’s Forum.

Many students who attended the forum had concerns about the Chiefs training facility and how it will affect Missouri Western. Athletic Director Dave Williams attended the forum and answered concerns students had about the Chiefs coming to campus.

"As far as I am concerned, the Chiefs facility will be called the MWSU facility," Williams said. "For 49 weeks out of the year, it’s ours and the Chiefs for only three."

Chiefs facility shows progress  from The Griffon News

A McCook youngster will display his football skills in Kansas City this weekend.

Noah Hofman has qualified for the regional NFL Punt, Pass & Kick competition. Hufman will travel to Kansas City this weekend to compete with four others from the region. The football skills event will be held Sunday morning at Arrowhead Stadium prior to the Kansas City Chiefs-Denver Broncos NFL game Sunday afternoon.

Hofman is the 11-year-old son of Andy Hofman of McCook and Raquel Andersen of Crete. Noah is a sixth-grader at McCook junior High School.

McCook boy earns Punt, Pass & Kick trip to Kansas City from The McCook Daily Gazette

Player Tweets

MrKolbySmith RT @tasteboutique: I can't bel Ang isn't going with me. We do almost everything together. put a sock in it. Lmao
almighty31 im ready

Media and Fans

ArrowheadPride RT @awessley This Oregon - Oregon St game is one of the most entertaining games I've watched this season...besides my Chiefs upsetting PIT

KCChiefs4Life69: Lets Go Chiefs!!! Beat The Broncos This Sunday In Memory Of Derrick Thomas!!!

nicholascott: #thingsilove Kansas City Chiefs, my team. #DontJudgeMe

gregharris66720: @thechrisjordan if the chiefs play like they did last week it doesnt deserve to be called football anyways lol. But yes I am going

richeisen: RT @banglinjr: I know my chiefs aren't good but whose season did they hurt worse Giants w/ Mannings heel or Steelers w/ Roethlisbergers head

TONYBINATL: @richeisen Chiefs also had a hand in Romo getting off his game for awhile too.

dragonocho: @richeisen Chiefs hurt Brady and Favre in 08. Arrowhead Turf injured Manning and DJ hurt Roethlisberger. Hate that my team is hurting QBs.

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