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Man Claims Former Chief Art Still Beat Him Up

Stilla_mediumFOX 4 in Kansas City is reporting that former Kansas City Chiefs NT Art Still was involved in a domestic dispute with a Liberty man and his daughter.  According to FOX 4, no charges have been filed at this point.

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Steven Overfield tells FOX 4 this evening that he showed up to the house he shares with Still's daughter to "work on their relationship" and some words were exchanged.

"As soon as I walked in the door, some words were exchanged then Art came up and headbutted me right between the eyes," Overfield said on the FOX 4 report.

Overfield says he called Still an "idiot" which sparked the alleged headbutt.

Still said in the police report, "He only defended himself and headbutted Overfield in the face." He then "bear hugged Overfield only to keep him from attacking further."

FOX 4 contacted Still and while they report he refused to say whether he beat up Overfield, he did say, "I didn't do nothing wrong, I live a peaceful life, I help others, and do what I got to do to take care of my family."

Overfield also says that Still's 18 year old son, Usala, was involved in the altercation. "He attempted to break up the fight and in the process he might have kneed Overfield in the ribs," the police report says of Usala according to FOX 4.

Overfield had a visible bruise between his eyes and said, "My nose was so swollen it wouldn't even allow blood out." There was also a table with broken glass and a damaged door.

FOX 4's Rob Low says Still's daughter told him that her brother and father threw the punches but the police report says she did not see the fight.

Overfield said he did not fight back because both men are "6'6" and 200 and 300 pounds of muscle so it'd be stupid if I tried to."

Still was the second player taken in the 1978 NFL Draft and is 54 years old. He played for the Chiefs until 1987.

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