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Chiefs Players Still Practicing Hard Despite Three Win Season

A lot of folks have talked about how the Kansas City Chiefs players react to a hard-nosed coach like Todd Haley. Some have argued that Haley's brash approach and tough practice sessions have worn down on the players and made them grow sour on the coach.

Of course none of these stories are verified or include quotes from players because from what we read and see the Chiefs are still practicing hard even though they have nothing to play for.

"We just lined up today in the 16th week of the season and ran gassers and they’re running hard and they practiced hard today, they’re communicating, they’re here on time regardless of the weather conditions and working together to do the things necessary to be a good team," Haley said.

That's part of the progress that Haley and Co. have talked about all season.

The season is almost over. It's cold in Kansas City, and I imagine running gassers days before the players are going to be off for a while isn't the most pleasant thing, but they're out there doing it and doing it hard.

"It comes down to wins and losses," Haley said reiterating the bottomline. "I know it’s gets old when you say we’re making progress, but I’m the one out there and I’m the one that sees them."

Despite the Chiefs current situation, reading things about them still fighting is nice to hear.

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