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NFL Scout Compares Eric Berry to Polamalu, Reed

The Kansas City Chiefs will likely be open to everything this offseason when it comes to the safety position. The Chiefs have a pair of 30+ year old players, Mike Brown and Jon McGraw, currently running the show at strong and free safety. They've been oft-criticized for the majority of the season for a variety of blunders and/or speed/athleticism related aspects of their game.

The solution? One NFL scout tells the Kansas City Star that Tennessee Vols Eric Berry would be worth the investment.

"He’s a special player," the scout said. "He’s a playmaker. You can count on him for that. If you need a center fielder back there, he would be a good investment."

The scout then said Berry's skills are the "same kind of caliber" as Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed. In other words, he's a game changing safety.

Berry is a junior and hasn't officially announced whether he'll be leaving Tennessee but even his head coach thinks he'll be playing on Sundays next fall.

There you have it. The scouts don't think Berry would be such a bad pick. 

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