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Overrated, Underrated and Just Right: Chiefs Edition

Good morning Kansas City Chiefs fans!

I'm running a bit behind this morning because of Winston, our new puppy. He's already pooped twice (once in the house), broken a Christmas ornament, harassed the cat and now he's continually trying to climb on the computer in my lap.This puppy stuff is exhausting.

So, in order to generate some fun conversation this morning, let's do another edition of Overrated, Underrated and Just right. The concept is simple: Give us a topic, event or thing that is one of those three. I'll start.

Overrated: New Year's Eve

Mrs. Arrowhead Pride and I are already $150 in the hole for a New Year's Eve event in downtown Austin. Sure, it's all you can drink and they'll be appetizers and stuff but I just know it's going to be total amateur night. Drunk people everywhere; people getting sick; people acting like jerks. In other words, it's like the east side of 6th street is every night of the year.

Does it make me a geek if I just want to go to bed early so I can blog and play with the puppy on my day off?

Underrated: QB Damon Huard

Why Damon Huard? Well, I'm working on this interactive timeline of the Kansas City Chiefs' 2009 season (it's going to be cool, trust me) and one of the events I added last night was the Chiefs releasing Damon Huard. He wasn't the flashiest guy but he straight up won games.  I stopped for a second last night and realized that I hadn't really given Huard the credit he deserved for guiding the Chiefs' ship in very choppy waters.

Just Right: New Year's Day football games

You're hung over and all you want to do is lay on the couch. What better than zoning out to a handful of college football bowl games?

Cut and paste this into the comments and give us your Overrated, Underrated and Just Right.



Just Right:

And now I have to go because the dog is chewing on the computer cord. Looks like I need as much training as he does.

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