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Broncos' Dumervil on DT: 'He was a trend setter'

As we've mentioned before, Denver Broncos LB Elvis Dumervil is leading the NFL in sacks with 14 through 11 games.  Words used to describe him include "explosive" and "non-stop motor" among others. It's fitting that the NFL's sack leader will be in town when the Kansas City Chiefs retire the late Derrick Thomas' jersey.

DT holds a special place in the hearts of all those around the Chiefs, but he's also remembered by Broncos LB.  Dumervil grew up about 15 minutes from Thomas' hometown in Miami.  He said he always looked up to him and modeled his game after him.

"I thought he was kind of so-called undersized, playing the position that he was playing as a rusher at the time," Dumervil said.

Thomas was 6'3", 240 pounds or so. That's undersized when playing with his hand on the ground.

"He was very explosive," Dumervil continued. "He made big plays. He changed the game, getting off, the forced fumbles, the what — seven sacks in one game? He was a trend setter and he will always be remembered."

Something we can agree upon.  It's really cool to see young players coming into the league who grew up watching DT and used him as the model. He really was one of those special players and, even 20 years later, still has a game that many try to replicate.

Dumervil says he will "hopefully have a good game" against the Chiefs to remember DT.

While I agree with his overall sentiments, I hope the Chiefs have a good game to remember DT.

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