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Is a Future Chiefs Draft Pick Playing Tonight?

A few weeks ago, we caught word that a Kansas City Chiefs scout made the trip to Oregon State for a game against Washington.

Tonight, Oregon State is playing a pretty big game against Oregon.  Two top 20 teams.

Is a future Chiefs draft pick playing tonight?

For those of you without NFL Network, and unable to watch the NFL game on tonight, check out the Beavers on ESPN at 8:00 PM (CST).

AP user burntorangehorn summed a few up the names on Oregon State a few weeks ago.  Keep an eye on a few of these players and let us know what you think.

Sean Canfield’s not a bad QB at this point. He’s done a decent job of piloting Oregon State this season. Not sure he’s a draft pick, but he’s worth scouting at least. Good size, okay arm strength, and he’s starting to make smarter decisions.

WR James Rodgers is tiny, as is his brother, RB Jacquizz. Both are electrifying players, but it’s hard to imagine either would jump early. I’m guessing James, who is a junior, will stay, but I guess KC would watch him as much as anyone else in case he does jump. Seems like a guy who’d go between picks #45 and 60, if I had to guess. ‘Quizz isn’t eligible for the 2010 draft.

Stephen Paea is a compact defensive tackle who came from a fairly good juco program. He plays with good leverage, getting nice and low to really drive interior OL where he wants to go. He could be a first-day pick, but I’d guess third round.

Keaton Kristick is a fairly good linebacker. He’s their leading tackler and has good size (6’3" 235lbs.), but I think he’s been having a few short-term injuries. Ah, looked it up just now, and it sounds like he had stingers in two straight games, but seems to be okay now. No idea where he’d go in the draft.

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