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Tape of Last Year's Broncos Don't Do These Chiefs Any Good

We talked about this in the offseason. Completely revamping your defensive scheme can be an inherent advantage since teams won't have any tape to go on. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't but something worked for the Broncos during the early six game winning streak when they ranked at the top in points allowed.

Currently, the Broncos defense is 5th in points allowed.  Quite an amazing turnaround from the team that finished 30th in points allowed last season.

The Broncos 3-4 defense, like the Chiefs, is brand new.  That means the Chiefs really only have 11 games worth of tape on the defense.

When asked if last year's tape helps at all, Chiefs QB Matt Cassel said, "Not at all."

"It’s a completely different defense when you watch them on film," he said today. "Mike Nolan is running the defense there and he’s carried that defense over. There have been a lot of changes from what he did in San Francisco last year to what they’re doing even in Denver, so there’s not much carryover from what they did last year Denver-wise compared to what they’re doing this year."

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley said anytime there is similar personnel, last year's tape will help but ultimately there's not a whole lot to be gleaned from it.

"I do believe they are two different teams now," Haley said. "Other than personnel and some one-on-one matchups you can’t gain something out of it."

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