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Chiefs To Make a Run at Bringing Chambers Back?

Bill Williamson of was asked whether he thinks the Kansas City Chiefs would try to bring back Chris Chambers after the season.

As many of you know, Chambers is in the last year of his contract.  According to NFLPA records, he's making $4.55 million in base salary this season.  He made over $5 million in base salary last season.

Williamson said he expects the Chiefs to be in the mix for his services next season, too.

"They have to be paying attention to Chambers, 31, who still appears to have gas left in the tank," Williamson writes. "Still, expect the Chiefs to make a big run to keep Chambers. He has fit in great and he has given the team new life. He is valuable to Kansas City. So, they will surely try to keep him."

Chambers' age should certainly be a concern. The success of many receivers, like Chambers, is predicated on speed.  And things like speed usually don't get better with age.

But with his impressive performance with the Chiefs so far, there will definitely be interest in Chambers on the open market following the season.  This is probably the last chance he's got for a big contract and I imagine he'll want to take advantage of it.

There could be some concern, like there is with many players in similar situations, that his production will drop off once he doesn't have the incentive to drive himself as hard everyday.  Will that happen with Chambers?  I have no idea.  

But, like Williamson, I do expect the Chiefs to make a run at Chambers.  

It's hard for me to imagine that the Chiefs will land his services again next year, though.  Chiefs GM Scott Pioli generally doesn't overpay for players, especially traditionally low impact positions like receiver, and the free agent market will be blossoming for Chambers, so the Chiefs will have plenty of competition for his services I think.

Usually regarded as a negative, Chambers' age could benefit the Chiefs possibly scaring off other teams who might be interested.

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