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Broncos Head Coach Josh McDaniels, Brian Dawkins Talk about Chris Chambers and Matt Cassel

One of the few post-game bright spots over the last month has been the play of former Charger WR Chris Chambers and QB Matt Cassel's connection with him. And that connection has been magnified in recent weeks with Dwayne Bowe's suspension.

Chambers is currently the Chiefs second leading receiver with 319 yards. He has 17 receptions, which is fourth on the team behind Bowe, Charles, Wade and Bradley.

Since he came to KC four games ago though, Chambers is the most targeted Chief wide receiver.

In a press conference yesterday, Denver head coach Josh McDaniels and S Brian Dawkins both talked about Matt Cassel and Chris Chambers.

Both seemed to be concerned about Cassel's mobility, as well as his connection with Chris Chambers.

We've got quotes for you after the jump.

Josh McDaniels' Comments

Josh McDaniels used almost every cliche in the book when talking about Matt Cassel and some of it was just plain wrong.

"It's hard to anticipate what kind of year you're going to have coming into a new system, a new organization (with) a lot of new players, but you can tell that he's a leader on their team. He's taking care of the football. He's only got a handful of interceptions (and) only one interception in their three wins."

Really? Taking care of the football? Josh, Matt leads the NFL in fumbles.

"He can be a problem on third down, red zone plays (and) things like that. If you let him out of the pocket, he can definitely throw on the run and make some plays that maybe weren't there originally. He's a good football player. He really is."

Actually, no Chiefs are problems on third downs, as much as I hate to say it.

McDaniels also chimed in on Chris Chambers:

"They're getting better each week. (WR Chris) Chambers certainly has kind of given him a different kind of a go-to guy. You can tell that he really has good chemistry with Chris, and (it) hasn't taken him long to develop that. (There are) a lot of good things he is doing, a lot of things that we have to defend."

We can't deny the chemistry part. McDaniels and the Broncos are obviously keyed on on Chambers, seeing how he keeps being brought up:

"He [Cassel]  gives his team an opportunity to score in the red zone because he doesn't turn the ball over down there. I can't speak on last year to this year. He's at a different team with a lot of changes around him. I think he's doing a nice job with the team, and they're continuing to get better. Like I said, the addition of Chambers has definitely changed some things for him. He's just continuing to progress."

I think the Broncos are happy about having to key in on Chambers, if that means they don't have to focus on Dwayne Bowe.

Brian Dawkins Comments

This is Brian Dawkins' first year in the AFC West, having spent the previous 13 seasons in Philadelphia. Like McDaniels, he's keyed in on Chris Chambers too:

"I think first of all, they're going to him and making a conscious effort to make sure they get him the ball. Any time that you have a receiver as talented as he is that has the respect and the trust of the team's offensive coordinator to get you the ball, obviously, you're going to go out there and make sure you put your best foot forward. He's doing that, big time."

Dawkins says he's concerned about Cassel's mobility:

"I think one of the first things that stands out to me is that he's a very, very mobile guy. He's able to keep plays alive if you allow him to. When he does that, he's able to get the ball up field and make plays that way and with his legs (he is) able to break tackles, even."

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