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Chiefs DEs Dorsey and Jackson Getting Attention of Broncos Coach

Way, way back in March and April, as teams prepared for the NFL Draft, a lot of folks were linking Tyson Jackson to 3-4 defense teams in the first round.  Jackson had been called the prototypical 3-4 defensive end and apparently caught the eye of a few teams.

One of those clubs was the Broncos.  Yesterday Broncos coach Josh McDaniels talked about the Chiefs defensive ends, first year Tyson Jackson and second year Glenn Dorsey.  He said both players are "playing well, penetrating at times."

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"I know something we liked about Jackson this year when we looked at him was he was able to hold a point in the running game, which he can do," McDaniels said.

"Both of them have been disruptive at times in the backfield in the running game and added some things to the pass rush at times inside, also. (They are) two big bodies (who are) hard to move out. You’ve got to do a nice job of staying tight on any kind of double-team blocks or anything like that or else they can get into the backfield and create some problems for you and put you in long-yardage situations.

He also said a focal point for the Broncos this week has been avoiding third and long situations because teams haven't fared well in those situations against the Chiefs.

The former Pats coordinator also talked a little bit about drafting philosophy. It seems like reporters were prodding him a little bit on the link between Jackson and the Broncos.

"I don’t want to speak for anybody else in terms of their philosophy, but I know (Jackson and Dorsey) are two good players."

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