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Beating Denver Would Be 'Pro Bowl Material' for Chiefs Coach

By now you know the Kansas City Chiefs had zero players selected to the 2010 Pro Bowl. And you also probably know that this is the first time in 31 years that has happened (and there were a lot of bad teams in that time frame).

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley was asked yesterday if any of his players had played at a Pro Bowl level.

"The Pro Bowl thing is for the players and I’m about trying to win games," he said.

And what's he supposed to say? He probably knew any Chiefs getting into the Pro Bowl would be a long shot.

"Right now we have three and we’re going on the road against Denver and have a chance to knock them out of the playoffs and that’s what I’d like to really get. That would be Pro Bowl material for me."

Yeah, no Pro Bowlers sucks. A lot.

But knocking Denver out of the playoffs? That would be a nice replacement.

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