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Wallace Gilberry Forcing The Chiefs to Notice Him

Chiefs defensive end Wallace Gilberry was an afterthought entering the 2009 season. He was listed at 6'2", 268 pounds entering camp though that number has likely grown a bit.

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley said yesterday that Gilberry was the type of player that forced the coaches to pay attention to him early on.

 "I think he was kind of a guy that we tried to overlook or run off. I think Wallace just forced the issue [and said] don’t overlook me."

The result? 4.5 sacks, which is good for second on the team. Gilberry has rotated in and out along with the other defensive ends, a couple of whom were drafted high with plenty of accolades. Haley has said on numerous occasions that draft position doesn't matter, which is good for the undrafted Gilberry.

"His work ethic and his ability to fight through bumps and bruises have been evident," Haley said. "I would say that Wallace has pushed the expectations up and the more guys we have that do that probably the better team we are.'

With a season under his belt, Haley can enter the next training camp with an idea of what Gilberry is capable of.

"He’s another guy I’m looking forward to getting into another off-season with now that everybody knows what’s expected."

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