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Bengals Coaches Said Chiefs' Charles Would be the Best They Face All Year

We continue with our Jamaal Charles theme for the day...  

After Sunday's game against the Bengals, the Chiefs running back talked to his old Texas teammate and current Bengal Quan Cosby. Per Cosby, the Bengals coaches told them Charles would be the cream of the crop they'd face this season.

"My friend (Cosby) said that the Cincinnati coach told them that I was the best back and the fastest back that they would play all season," he told reporters.

"That’s how I want to feel. I want to feel like a threat to the defense and for them to feel like if they don’t stop me, I can win the game. I want to be that back where I am on the scouting report."

Wow. That's a list that includes, among others:

  • Ryan Grant
  • Jerome Harrison (Yes, that guy)
  • Matt Forte
  • LaDainian Tomlinson/Darren Sproles
  • Purple Jesus Adrian Peterson

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