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Broncos Haven't Fared Well Playing Division Teams a Second Time

The Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs are preparing to meet each other for the second time this season and, at least for the Chiefs, the final game of the season.

Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels talked about a few of the difficulties in playing teams twice.

"I think that the second time you play any opponent, the game is different," he said. "It was with San Diego. It was with Oakland. It is a lot of times when you see divisional teams play each other. The team knows you a lot better. You know them a lot better."

The Broncos beat the Raiders (23-3) and Chargers (34-23) early on in the season. However, the second time around wasn't so kind to them. The second time around the Chargers smacked the Broncos 32-3 and the Raiders eked out a one point victory.

"Because we just played the Chiefs recently—four weeks ago, whatever it may be—now it’s even fresher on our mind, on their mind," McDaniels continued. "It’s late December, early January, a divisional game (and there’s) a lot on the line. I would imagine it will be a close one."

McDaniels said the first time around, the opponent usually gets your best scheme because they're not familiar with it. Playing them again, everyone is more familiar with what the opponent is trying to do. McDaniels did caution that not all will be the same as the last meeting a month ago.

"There are a lot of things to change from the first time you play a team to the second time," he explained. "I wouldn’t suspect that this would be any different."

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