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A Few More Details on Haley Claus

Yesterday, I pointed out that a KCTV-5 news reporter told Chiefs head coach Todd Haley that someone had called into their station and told them that Haley had "helped him out" the day after Christmas.

Today, we find out what "helped him out" means via a KCTV-5 10 o'clock news segment.

The Chiefs coach was on his way to Arrowhead on the morning after Christmas. He takes the back route to the stadium so he was at an intersection at Blue Parkway and Hardesty.

A man was standing there waiting for the bus stop and, if you were in Kansas City over the weekend, you know how bitterly cold it must have been.  Haley got out of his car, approached the man and said, 'Anyone standing at a bus stop the day after Christmas deserves this' and handed him a wad of $20 bills.

Haley said, 'Merry Christmas' and began to get into his car. The recipient of the gift was Brian Mondaine. His response to Haley, whom he immediately recognized?

"Thanks, coach."

Mondaine is the one that contacted KCTV-5 to tell his story.

"It's touching," Mondaine told the news station. "I just want to say thank you."

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