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Chiefs LB Vrabel Talks About Bengals Key Third Down Conversion

Kansas City Chiefs LB Mike Vrabel was frustrated after Sunday's 17-10 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. That's likely because of a play that really stung for the Chiefs.

On the Bengals final scoring drive of the game, the Chiefs had them backed up inside their own five yard line. Two plays netted three years for the Bengals as they lined up on a 3rd and 7. The call was a shovel pass to RB Brian Leonard who scampered his way eight yards for the first down.

"It was third-and-long," Vrabel said. "They made a good call. The back ran for the first down. We will look at the film and find out what happened. It’s one of those things that you have to rally to stop. You’re not counting on a shovel pass on third-and-eight." 

If the Chiefs had stopped them, it would have set up a fourth down for the Bengals inside the 10 yard line and excellent field position in the final quarter of the game.

The Bengals have been good this season because of their ability to run the football on offense, something they haven't been able to do in recent years.

"Carson used to throw the ball 50 times, and if he completed 30 or 40 passes, they would win," Vrabel said. "If he didn’t, they would lose. They are a lot more balanced now.

Vrabel said that third down conversion late in the game was one of several failed third down conversions for the Chiefs defense.

"They are able to dictate the flow of the game," Vrabel continued. "We were able to hang in there for a few quarters. We gave up one huge drive with one third down conversion after another."

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