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LJ Says Chiefs LB Demorrio Williams Started Jawing First

With just under 10 minutes remaining in the second quarter, Larry Johnson got his third carry of the game which he took down the right sideline for a handful of yards. There to meet him was a sprinting Demorrio Williams who took him down.

LJ quickly popped up and was animated as he was saying something to Williams.

"We're all friends," LJ said after the game. "It's the heat of the moment, that's what football is all about."    

LJ did say that he didn't start the mini-brouhaha that left each player being restrained by teammates and referees.

"I wouldn't have said anything, but he started talking first," Johnson said of his exchange with Williams. "I love all those guys on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball."

LJ then went on to say that he "wasn't going to turn anything on until I had a reason to click that on."

"He gave it the first couple of times, and then I said I'm going ahead and take mine right now, because I knew I wasn't going to be in that long. It's all competitive."

Demorrio Williams rarely speaks to the media so it's unlikely we'll ever get his side of the story.

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