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Jack Harry Now a Fan of Chiefs Coach Todd Haley

A week after stirring the pot with an unsubstantiated report from, uh, a fan email, Jack Harry of NBC-41in Kansas City congratulated the Chiefs on a job well done.

"This is one of the few times this season that I can say I was proud of the Chiefs. My hat’s off to Todd Haley. … I think this game was very, very big for (Haley) because apparently he had them ready."


Harry has been one of, if not the biggest critic of the Chiefs regime. His rants reports are defined by yelling and personal insults like, "Todd Haley is a wuss!"

After his report came out, and Todd Haley quickly denied it, Harry apparently felt the need to compliment the Chiefs after another loss on Sunday.  Why?

Media watchdog Greg Hall of KC Confidential offered up this nugget in response to Harry's tone while doing post-game on 810 WHB.

"If Harry’s Fingergate is going to neuter his radio and TV personality," Hall writes, "he needs to take a vacation until he can play with his entire arsenal. Half Jacked is no way to go to work."

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